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The Nightlife Heat Map

We understand that a great night out is incomplete without friends.  This is why we built the completely anonymous Bottoms Up Nightlife Heat Map.
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Features that Truly Benefit Your Establishment

Complete Profile Control

Nobody knows your establishment better than you. Tell potential patrons what makes you unique.

Unlimited Mobile Deals

Attract new customers. Reward loyal patrons. No marginal cost. No mandatory discounts. No risk.

Unique Patron Analytics

Give your patrons the experience they truly desire. Launch targeted promotions with tangible justification.

Social Media Automation

Spend more time with your customers and less time on Facebook and Twitter.

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Bottoms Up – Discover Your Scene

The Bottoms Up App is currently being developed. It will be available to download on iOS for FREE in early 2015!
Drop us your email and we will keep you posted!